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Fashion Jun 29 2018 Author: blakeaustin

Top 5 Beauty Must-Haves for Summer

Summer is in full swing, and with it has come all sorts of fun and trendy looks you can try yourself! Our favorite jackets & scarves get to take a nice long rest while we enjoy cute sandals, shorts, and shades! During the summer we often see people with amazing summer looks that we wish we could rock ourselves. Sometimes we even try them out and they’re just not the same, so here are a few tips we put together so that you can look trendy! Here are some of our favorite summer “must-haves” and some tips to help you rock them!

Cozy Crop Tops

Crops are so in this summer, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it! The crop top is the ultimate combination of comfort, coolness, and style. To make a crop top match, consider the “length” of your overall look. If you have long hair, a sleeveless crop can help your hair look even longer and more playful in the breeze. Combine that with a chic pair of lightly distressed shorts and you have yourself a stunning summer look that is both comfortable and fashionable!

Balmy Balayages

If you want to get that sultry, sun-kissed hair you’ve always dreamed of, there’s no time like the present. Balmy balayages bring out your best blondes, browns, and everything in between! It’s the perfect way to elevate your natural hair color and give it depth in a way that looks miraculously natural and flattering. Most hair styles and lengths can handle a balayage well, and the good news is that it looks good with most outfits! Whether your getup is cool, warm, or something between the two, a balayage can help you look your best!

Lengthy Laced Sandals

Your sandal game has to be on point if you want to look your best during the summer. Sandals with laces up the ankle make the list for us because of how they can bring an entire outfit together. No doubt you have a major crush on your short shorts, which is totally expected in the summer, but sometimes short shorts with short sandals can create a visual disconnect in your whole look, especially if you’re taller. Laces up the ankle or calf help to bring your feet and your hips together into a single, more continuous look. For people who are shorter, laced sandals can have the opposite effect of making the legs look longer and slimmer. They’re a perfect pick for nearly anyone!

Tinted Shades

If your summer look was an ice cream sundae, your shades would be the cherry on top, so it’s important to tie your entire attitude and look together with a matching set of shades. Round lenses with thin rims are especially popular this year, as they carry a simple, fun, and almost nostalgic look to them. You could also rock a pair of cat eye shades with thicker rims to put a touch of sass to your look. If you can’t quite get your shades figured out, a classic aviator with colored lenses is an easy option to fall back on to show off a laid back look.

Hip Shorts

Waist-high shorts and skirts are an amazing way to round out a summer look. You have countless options, from distressed blues to pristine patterns. Regardless of the color, pattern, or material, waist-high shorts have one major benefit: they can help make your legs look much longer! So if you’re feeling a little on the shorter side, rock the waist-highs and show off those thighs! Just be sure to check how your outfit balances after putting your whole summer look together. If you go a little crazy with the crops, laces, and waist-highs, you could leave the house looking like your body is 80% legs! (still trying to decide if that’s a bad thing…)

Share With Us

As Californians at Blake Austin College, we have the huge blessing of having longer summers and warmer weather than many other places around the country, so styling up summer looks is second nature for us! What are your biggest summer “must-haves”? Share you styles and looks with us on Facebook or Instagram! You can also check out our Pinterest board for inspiration on all things hair, nails, and more!

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