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Cosmetology Apr 11 2017 Author: blakeaustin

I Spy a Cosmetologist: 4 Places You Can Find a Cosmetologist Working

Did you know that cosmetologists have some of the most diverse skill sets in the beauty industry? Cosmetologists can work in a variety of places based on their skills, drive, and motivation. Here at Blake Austin, we hope that we inspire our students to pursue whichever career they dream of. Do you know about all the jobs that a cosmetologist could potentially have? Here are 4 jobs that you may have not guessed.

1. As a Freelancer

You might spot a cosmetologist running their own business as a freelance makeup artist, stylist, or esthetician. Freelancing cosmos can take on many types of jobs from doing bridal makeup and hair to working on independent films. In other words, cosmetologists can be entrepreneurs and business owners.

2. As a Platform Artist

Platform artists do it all: sales, performance, hair styling, and product education. These stylists usually demonstrate their skills on stage at trade shows. Many product manufacturers hire these stylists to educate other industry professionals on their product uses. If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you’ve probably seen these artists doing their thing on stage or at their booths!

3. As a Salesperson

Did you know that cosmetologists can go into sales? If a cosmetologist aligns with a brand really well, they may pursue a sales job with that company. These stylists or artists will go from salon to salon and sometimes school to school to sell their product line. Similarly to a platform artist, they have mastered the product and know it inside out. They not only do sales but product education as well.

4. As a Salon Owner

You may think that you have to be a “business person” to own a salon, but that’s simply not true! Being well versed in business practices are not the only skills you have to attain to own one. Many salon owners started off as stylists and have decided that they wanted to open their own studio. To be an owner you must be organized, business-minded, empathetic, tech-savvy, and outgoing. Blake Austin can help you attain these skills with our cosmetology program in Vacaville, California.

Interested in One of These Careers?

Every beauty job starts with an education. We offer a cosmetology program here at Blake Austin that can offer you the opportunity to pursue your dream. Contact us for more information on how to get started.

I Spy: Can You Find All of The Cosmetology Students in These 4 Pictures?

Hint: there are a total of 6 Blake Austin cosmetology students!

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