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Cosmetology, Holiday Oct 28 2020 Author: blakeaustin

Four Reasons We’re Thankful For Cosmetologists

At Blake Austin College, we’re always amazed by the beauty students and professionals in our lives! They are always going above and beyond when using their creative talents to help clients get the style that best fits them. With everything that’s happened this year, it’s been even easier to see how much of an impact these beauty professionals have in today’s world! That’s why this holiday season, we wanted to spotlight them and the incredible work they do every day. Here are some of our favorite reasons why we’re grateful for cosmetologists!

Top 4 Reasons to Be Grateful for Cosmetologists

1. They Give You Beauty Advice

Scheduling an appointment with your cosmetologist doesn’t always mean you know exactly which style you want to try. Many people go into the salon only knowing that they want a change. That’s where cosmetologists come in to help! With their training, these beauty professionals are the perfect people to give you advice on what to do with your style. Not only will they be up to date with all the latest trends but they’ll also understand which styles look best on helping to alleviate any anxiety about a wrong choice.

2. They Know Your Specific Hair Needs

You know what’s a great feeling? Leaving the salon with a fresh cut and new style. Part of that is from trimming off your split ends but another reason for this is that your stylist knows what your hair needs. Cosmetologists are trained to recognize different hair types and understand what’s best for each one. Plus, all of that is done with professional products that leave your locks feeling amazing!

hairstylist helping client with hair

3. They’re Great Listeners

Lots of people go to the salon to get their hair styled, but stylists know there’s another aspect of the appointment that people look forward to: talking with someone who will listen. Especially if you’ve been going to the same cosmetologist for years now, they’re more like a friend at this point. What’s better than talking with your friend and getting pampered at the same time? You didn’t book an appointment to unload all your cares, thoughts, stories, but stylists often do that at no extra charge!

4. They Make Sure Your Appointment is Amazing

Speaking of getting pampered, that’s another one of our favorite things about visiting the beauty salon. No matter what type of beauty service you’re getting, chances are that your cosmetologist is doing everything they can to make sure your visit gives you the break you deserve! From washing and massaging your scalp to getting you something to drink, cosmetologists are always doing something to make your appointment feel special!

How Can You Give Back?

Has reading our favorite reasons got you wondering how you can give back to the cosmetologist in your life? We always think it’s a good idea to show support to your stylist whenever you can, but we think this is especially true this year with everything that’s happened. Here are some ideas to help you brighten your cosmetologist’s day:

  • Book your next appointment with them!
  • Give them a small present like a gift card or their favorite makeup.
  • Write a positive review for them.
  • Follow them on social media.
  • Post a picture of your recent visit and tag them in it.

hairstylist taking client's photo

These gestures may be small and not take much time, but it will make a huge difference for your stylist!

Want to Make Your Own Difference

Are you interested in a career that allows you to use your creativity to make a difference in people’s lives like your cosmetologist? At Blake Austin College, you can start this exciting career path by applying to our cosmetology program! We teach our students all the latest techniques and how to interact with clients, so they can graduate knowing how to gain a loyal client base. Contact us today to learn how you can get started!

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