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Nails Nov 14 2017 Author: blakeaustin

Fantastic Nail Looks in Time for Winter

Winter is on it’s way! While not everyone loves snow or the bitter cold, the winter season is a fantastic time to try some new nail looks to keep looking fresh!

Beautiful Blues and Shiny Silvers

Blue and silver always go well together, but they will be more common in nature this time of year. Embrace moody blues with splashes of sparkling silvers to create a simple and memorable look!

Naturally Nude Nails

Nude nails are coming back in style! The nude nail polish is super-classy and goes well with most outfits and is an excellent complement to the winter season.

Robust Reds and Glimmering Golds

Are blue and silver not your look? That’s fine, deep reds and regal golds are an elegant choice for many winter outfits. A burst of intense color can make all the difference in a hit look!

Be a Queen of Ice

If you’re looking for a simple and fun accent to your winter nails, try adding some icicles and embrace the seasonal weather! Icicles are fascinating and beautiful, and that’s especially true on nails!

Do Some DIY

Want a salon-manicured look but without the cost? Get yourself a small handful of baby rhinestones and add a festive touch of holly to your newly painted nails!

Share with us!

No matter which style you like most, there are many ways you can add an exciting twist to your winter nails! Whether it’s glitter, rhinestones, or using an accent nail, you can make a seasonal look that’s totally memorable!

Have you got your own favorite winter nails? Share it with us on facebook! If you need some inspiration for some cool new nail ideas, check out our 2017 nails trend blog!

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