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Cosmetology Sep 25 2017 Author: blakeaustin

Fall 2017 Makeup and Nail Guide

What are some things that come with the fall season? Cooler temperatures, changing colors, and new styles and trends! For fashion gurus, the fall season is possibly the most exciting time of the year.

Here’s what you need to know to stay on top of your fashion and style game for fall 2017:

Hot Fall Makeup

Each season brings it’s own distinct styles in makeup. Mixing up your makeup looks to match the fall season is always a great move!

These are some great ways you can get an awesome fall look with makeup:

  • Smokey eyeshadow is in! Subtle fall colors like warm reds, oranges, purples, and pinks are a perfect way to make your eyes pop. Using these kinds of colors is also a great way to incorporate a seasonal touch in your makeup look.
  • fall color eye shadow

  • You can also use eyeliner to give you a very unique autumn accent. You can add a little fall color to your makeup style and it will go perfectly on top of your smokey eyeshadow.
  • Another great way to get a fall look is with your blush. Instead of using a light pink blush, go for something a little bit darker. It will give you a color that will more closely match the color of the autumn leaves.
  • If you’re talking about fall makeup trends, you can’t forget about the lips. A little lipstick or lipgloss is a great way to make your fall look super distinct. For example, a glossy lipgloss is a great way to accent your smokey eyes and flushed cheeks. On the other hand, if you want something that really stands out, you can choose a bright fall color. Red is a classic that you can use this fall and it will certainly give you the seasonal touch you are looking for.
  • fall time red lips

October Makeup Ideas

When you’re talking about fall makeup trends, Halloween is the perfect time to really get creative with it. Here’s some perfect Halloween makeup looks you can use on October 31:

  • Making a Halloween mask with makeup can be a really fun way to take your costume from good to great! If you want to be superhero, villain, or skeleton a makeup mask is the best way to make your costume complete!
  • Looking for something simple yet stunning for Halloween? The black cat costume is perfect for you! Doing a little makeup around the nose and eyes give you the perfect cat face, then you just have to finish it off with all black clothes and you’re set.
  • Want to be a superhero for Halloween this year? Do it! If you haven’t seen comic style makeup, it looks unreal…literally. This will give you a great chance to be creative, learn a new makeup skills, and create a stunning Halloween costume.

Upping Your Makeup Game

If you’re a makeup junkie and eat this kind of stuff up, you should check out our Esthetics Program. Part of being a professional esthetician is learning makeup artistry. If you’ve ever wondered how to build a career as a makeup artist, one great way to do that is through esthetics school. Contact us to learn more!

Hot Fall Nails

If you’re going to revamp your style for the new season, you can’t overlook your nails. They can be the extra accent that will take your look to a whole new level.

Check out these awesome fall nail designs:

  • Fall color iridescent nails are an awesome nail design that you can use to help step up your nail game. Orange, red, or yellow are great choices!
  • Another awesome fall nail design is to mix and match subtle fall colors. Purple, orange, brown, yellow; anything that goes together nicely. It’s fun and will give you a little bit of the autumn spirit.
  • Want to do your nails for Halloween? Do some cool pumpkin designs. It’s an adorable nail design that will make you wish that everyday was Halloween!
  • Black and orange is a classic go to for fall and/or Halloween. If you really want to spice it up throw in a few sparkles and voila, you’re all set for the changing of the seasons.

If you are constantly looking for fresh nails designs and love doing your nails, check out our Spa Nail Technician program. You can take your passion for nail design and turn it into a rewarding career.

Building a New Career

There are a lot of fun and exciting changes in the beauty industry that happen during the fall season. It’s also a great time for makeup mavens, nail junkies, and people who love beauty to start building a new career that they can enjoy. Check out our programs and call us at 707-448-3100. We can answer any questions and help you begin your journey to becoming a beauty professional!

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These are fantastic makeup guide.I appreciate you!Orange and red are great choices for this fall season.Thanks for share with us.