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Esthetics May 15 2018 Author: blakeaustin

Everyday Esthetics with Brittany Purcell

At Blake Austin College we’re very proud of all of our staff and students. This month we had the chance to interview and get to know Brittany Purcell, the Esthetics Instructor at our branch campus. Brittany is just one of our excellent team of outstanding licensed professions who are passionate about their field and desire to help students find success in their careers. This blog talks about Brittany and what it’s like to live a day in the life of an esthetician.

About Brittany Purcell

brittany purcell of blake austin career college

For many years, Brittany never thought she would work as an esthetician. She was very interested in skincare while growing up, but didn’t see it as a career option until she was in college. She disliked that the university she attended was requiring lots of expensive classes she didn’t want to take and that weren’t relevant to her major. When the job outlook for her major wasn’t looking great, she dropped out of college to explore her options. People told Brittany that she had a natural talent and passion for makeup, so she started looking for makeup artist programs. She came across esthetics courses and discovered that they also cover makeup education, so she enrolled and began her career in esthetics!

The Day to Day

Before teaching esthetics at Blake Austin College, Brittany worked in many different roles as an esthetician. She worked both at salons and spas as an esthetician and had great experiences. Each day there were a number of services that she would perform for her clients:

  • Facials
  • Microdermabrasions
  • Hair removal
  • and more!

Brittany says that each day as an esthetician is different. You get into a groove where you are always busy and productive performing services for your clients. In between services you can do things like laundering the sheets your clients use, preparing for your next client, or learning more about new skincare services.

Brittany emphasized that continuing education is an important part of being an excellent esthetician. For example, she got her microblading license so that she could offer that as a service to her clients. Staying sharp on the latest in skincare makes you a better esthetician!

Brittany’s Role at Blake Austin College

There are many things that can make someone a great esthetician, and Brittany wanted to bring those things to Blake Austin. She discovered that the school she attended for esthetics didn’t prepare her as well as she would have liked to be a successful esthetician after graduation. Her school only focused on helping students pass the licensure exam, so when she started working in a spa she had to learn many important lessons on her own.

As an Esthetics Instructor at Blake Austin, Brittany has brought an emphasis on helping students be prepared for life after graduation. She works hard to integrate business education that can give students a leg up over their competitors. Not only that, this business education can also help students know how to increase client retention and satisfaction. From the very first service students perform at Blake Austin College, they’ll be rehearsing business best practices to be more prepared after they graduate.

* All services performed by students under the supervision of a licensed instructor.

Brittany is a great example of someone who saw a need for something and has taken action to make a difference! She saw that a traditional education wasn’t going to meet her needs, so she went to beauty school. She realized down the road that not all beauty schools prepare you enough to be successful after graduation, so now she is helping students get the lessons she had to learn on her own. Brittany is a huge part of what makes Blake Austin College unique and can prepare students to be successful esthetics professionals!

Start Esthetics With Blake Austin College

If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn esthetics with an instructor who has excellent field experience, Blake Austin College could be the perfect fit for you! Our courses are designed to help students pass the esthetics licensing exam and be successful estheticians after graduation. Visit our program page or contact us for more information on how you can begin today!

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