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blakeaustin blakeaustin May 19 2017

Ever experience extreme pressure build up in your shoulders and back? Do you get headaches all the time? Want to wake up feeling better? Here are 3 body regions you may want to keep in mind while trying to ease some of that muscle tension and pain: Neck This area doesn’t usually receive as much…

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Michelle Michelle Jul 29 2016

Are you getting ready to start up nursing school? Nursing school is a huge step towards a rewarding, if not exhausting, career. You’ll likely feel all the excitement, anticipation and nervousness that every new nursing student gets. This is totally normal. A great way for you to relieve some of these feelings and get a…

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Michelle Michelle May 25 2016

Nurses wear a lot of hats. They’re not just caretakers, they are friends in times of need, a source of support and encouragement. Nurses are the part of the glue that holds the healthcare world together. Here are some Iconic TV Nurses, let us know who your favorite TV Nurse is and checkout our Nursing…

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Michelle Michelle May 17 2016

At Blake Austin College of Beauty, we work hard to see our students succeed both in completing their course of study and in their careers. Jasmine Threadgill is a student who has demonstrated remarkable dedication to her education and her craft. Read on to learn about Jasmine and her time with Blake Austin Beauty College….

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Michelle Michelle Apr 12 2016

Blake Austin College is the place for aspiring professionals who are seeking to take control of their future, and their careers.   That makes our campus home to some of the brightest and boldest students, and we are proud to have such motivated people in our programs. It is our pleasure to acknowledge Erica Richards…

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Michelle Michelle Apr 07 2016

The medical field is exciting and full of opportunities for people looking to forge a new career path. If you’re interested in the medical field, enjoy helping others, and want a successful and sustainable career then you should consider pursuing a career in Vocational Nursing. What is Vocational Nursing? In every state except Nevada and…

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