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Category: Esthetics

blakeaustin blakeaustin Apr 23 2020

At Blake Austin, nothing is more important than making sure our students can study what they love while staying safe. Learn how we plan on doing that through online applications and which programs this is available for!

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blakeaustin blakeaustin Jun 25 2019

Wondering if a career in esthetics is right for you? Take our quiz to find out!

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blakeaustin blakeaustin May 22 2019

Want to know how to take care of your body during the summer? Read our tips on how to prepare for the hot months ahead!

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blakeaustin blakeaustin Nov 26 2018

Winter weather got your skin in rough condition? Not to worry, skin issues are common for almost everyone across the country, especially during the colder months of the year. Cold months are usually dry months, which means that you’ve got to change up your skin care routine to stay supple and smooth. Here are some…

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blakeaustin blakeaustin May 15 2018

At Blake Austin College we’re very proud of all of our staff and students. This month we had the chance to interview and get to know Brittany Purcell, the Esthetics Instructor at our branch campus. Brittany is just one of our excellent team of outstanding licensed professions who are passionate about their field and desire…

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Michelle Michelle Oct 04 2016

Our goal at Blake Austin College is to create successful, well-functioning, responsible professionals. Our students are all unique individuals who, we think, are exceptional and amazing in their own way. While we would love to feature all of our students as the best of the month, we think one student really stood out. We are…

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