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blakeaustin blakeaustin Jul 26 2018

Administrative medical assistants, also known sometimes as medical secretaries, have the opportunity to work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, and so many other places around the world. They check patients in at the front desk of their facility, answer the phone, schedule appointments, interview patients, compile medical records and charts, process insurance payments, and much…

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blakeaustin blakeaustin Jun 29 2018

Summer is in full swing, and with it has come all sorts of fun and trendy looks you can try yourself! Our favorite jackets & scarves get to take a nice long rest while we enjoy cute sandals, shorts, and shades! During the summer we often see people with amazing summer looks that we wish…

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blakeaustin blakeaustin May 15 2018

At Blake Austin College we’re very proud of all of our staff and students. This month we had the chance to interview and get to know Brittany Purcell, the Esthetics Instructor at our branch campus. Brittany is just one of our excellent team of outstanding licensed professions who are passionate about their field and desire…

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blakeaustin blakeaustin Apr 05 2018

What is an Esthetician? Before we dive into the benefits of becoming an esthetician, let’s go over what exactly an esthetician is. An esthetician is a specialist in beautifying the skin. They can help treat problematic acne, create a personal skin care routine for you, and direct which skin products would work best for you!…

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blakeaustin blakeaustin Mar 14 2018

We get a lot of questions regarding cosmetology school and being a cosmetologist. In order for you to gain more information on the topic cosmetology, we are here to answer four of the most frequently asked questions about the industry and about getting educated. We hope by the end that you will have a better…

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blakeaustin blakeaustin Mar 09 2018

Do you love working with hair and makeup? Do you have a passion for working with people to make them feel their best and embrace their beauty? If you answered yes, then you might consider becoming a cosmetologist! A cosmetologist can have a very rewarding career and can give you the opportunity to build your…

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