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Cosmetology Mar 22 2017 Author: blakeaustin

4 Surprising Things You Might Want to Know About Being a Cosmetologist

When you think “Cosmetology or Cosmetologist”, what comes to mind? Is it hair cuts, colors, textures, styling, perming, and everything else to do with hair? While that is a correct assumption, there is much more to the occupation. Here are 5 surprising facts you may want to know about being a Cosmetologist.

1. They Do Esthetics

Cosmetologists and Estheticians are different professions. However, Cosmetologists often learn basic skin care techniques that Estheticians learn, too. Facials, waxing, and makeup application are all things that qualified, licensed Cosmetologists can do.

2. They Do Nails

That’s right! Cosmetologists also learn basic manicuring and pedicuring skills like nail art. Cosmetologists can be some of the most well-rounded beauty pros out there. They can even potentially work at a nail salon after graduation and licensure.

3. They Are Entrepreneurs

Small business owner? Do you mean tech start up? We don’t! Cosmetologists have been doing the small business thing for years. They usually learn business skills like client retention, sales, and networking in school. Many aspiring beauty mavens are dreaming about the day that they own their own salon, product line, blow-out bar, or freelancing business.

4. They Never Skip Leg Day

They really never skip leg, arm, or core day. The strength it takes to do one blowout (or cut or color) is almost as tough as a day at the gym. Cosmetologists are on their feet for a majority of the day, and their muscles show that. They are also using tools constantly, which can definitely give a Jennifer Lopez-esque look to your arms.

Were these facts helpful? Make sure to share your facts with us on Facebook! If these surprising things spark your interest for a career in the beauty industry, check out our program or give Blake Austin College a call 707.448.3100!

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I really didn’t know that cosmetologist are also entrepreneurs.

Anjali Kapoor

Yes, he’s great! Thanks!

Ankita Singh

This is very good.

Green Grapes

Very Nice!


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