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Cosmetology Sep 28 2020 Author: blakeaustin

5 Benefits of Becoming a Cosmetologist

Are you thinking about making a career change? At Blake Austin College, we believe that it’s never too late to start a path that leads to something you’re truly passionate about! If you’ve always loved trying out the latest hairstyles and makeup trends, then an education in beauty could be perfect for you. Along with being able to do something you enjoy, there are so many other benefits that could come with a future in cosmetology! Check out our five favorite reasons why this could be the career change you’ve been looking for.

Express Your Creativity

We think one of the best parts about the beauty industry is that there are always new trends and techniques that go in style. That means that cosmetologists have limitless possibilities for how they want to show off their creative talents! Working with each unique client to help them get the look they want allows every day to be different. Performing different services like hair coloring or makeup designs allows your cosmetology journey to be personalized by how you express yourself as an artist!

makeup artist working with client

Help People Feel Great

Who doesn’t love going to the salon and getting pampered? We believe cosmetology is one of the most rewarding careers because you can see the difference you’re making in people’s lives. There’s no better feeling than turning a client towards the mirror and seeing their face light up with their new style. Plus, everyone knows that getting a beauty service is only half the fun. Many people stay loyal to their cosmetologists for years because they’ve built up a real relationship with them. Being able to talk with clients about everyday stuff is why cosmetology is a great fit for anyone who loves forming connections with others.

Multiple Career Options

A misconception about cosmetology is that everyone with this license can only work in a salon. While a lot of cosmetologists love and thrive in that work setting, it’s far from the only option available to you! With all the techniques available, you may even find a skill at beauty school that you want to focus your entire career on like eyelash extensions. Or you may want to mainly work with hair and makeup, but decide you want to do it on a movie or theater set. It all depends on you!

Here are some career opportunities for cosmetologists to give you some inspiration:

  • Hairstylist
  • Makeup artist
  • Beauty writer/editor
  • Platform artist
  • T.V/Film hair stylist
  • Beauty product distributor/sales
  • Beauty blogger
  • Beauty marketer
  • Salon owner

Hairstylist styling client's hair

Make Your Own Schedule

Not everyone wants to or can follow a typical 9-5 work schedule. Maybe you can’t even have a consistent working schedule each week. Well, cosmetology might have a solution for that! Depending on where they work, many cosmetologists decide when they want to work on a weekly basis. If there’s a certain day you can’t come in, all you have to do is let your clients know and they’ll work around your schedule. You set your own rules!

Be Your Own Boss

In the world of beauty, there’s nothing stopping you from moving up in the industry! If you’re interested in managing employees or taking more leadership roles, you can work hard to make it happen. A salon owner is a great example of this! As you move up in your career, that could come with pay raises, a change in title, and other opportunities. It’s why at Blake Austin College, we teach students both the business and technical skills of the beauty world. We want our students to graduate feeling equipped to be successful in whatever they decide to pursue as a cosmetologist.

Ready to Start Your Beauty Future?

Has reading this got you excited to see what the beauty industry could have in store for you? The first step to making it happen is by applying to an accredited beauty school! In our cosmetology program, we teach skills in hair, makeup, nails, and more. Students learn through practical lessons so they can feel confident when applying for a career after graduation. Contact us if you have any questions about our program or how you can get started. Our team can’t wait to talk with you!

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