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Transferring to
Blake Austin College

If you’re one of the 4,300 students affected by Marinello Schools of Beauty closing, Blake Austin College is here to help you continue your career in the Beauty industry. Blake Austin College is ready to accept students who are looking to transfer.

This time for you to make the best decision possible. It is critical that you take this time to research the schools you’re considering to ensure the education and benefits extend to finding you a job in the Beauty industry. Blake Austin College is proud of our state of the art beauty campus and we welcome you as a BAC student and future alumni.

Whether you’re weeks away from graduating or you’ve just started your journey, we are happy to evaluate your transcripts and find the best entry point to meet your educational goals. You could even start as soon as early March. There are instances where the proper paperwork may take longer, pushing your start date back even later. However, it’s our intent to expedite the process as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We have start dates every 6 weeks.

In order to enroll you in a timely manner, see below for our Transfer Policy and the list of items you’ll need to transfer. As situations may vary, our Admissions or Financial Aid team may need additional information from you.


  • Photo ID
  • High School Transcripts or GED
  • Transcript and Proof of Training from prior school
  • Any other documents provided by Marinello


We will assess your transcripts to evaluate your transfer hours. The evaluation process may include a written exam and/or demonstration of skills to determine the best entry point into your program.


Everyone has to meet with Financial Aid to discuss payment options and evaluate federal loans and grants for those who may qualify.


You’ll need to sign our Enrollment Agreement. Blake Austin College will waive the registration fee for all transfer students in the month of March.


We have new class starts every 6 weeks, with orientation the week prior to the start of class. All students must attend orientation.

The U.S. Department of Education just released answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Marinello, so we encourage you to read here.

For other questions about Blake Austin College or to set up a free tour or admissions appointment, please call 707-448-3100.