Student Circulation Policy |

Student Circulation Policy

Student Circulation Policy

The Blake Austin College Library’s collection is managed according to a Circulation Policy, developed to support faculty and student growth. Library policy, user agreements and purpose are presented during student and employee orientation. Circulation Policy is posted for review at all times and available on Blake Austin College’s Student Portal. Clarification or inquiry regarding this policy should be brought to the attention of the Librarian.

 Library Card Registration

Every Blake Austin College Student and Faculty member receives a unique library user name and password upon orientation. These will be used to access library resources and material.


The library is comprised of two collections, the Blake Austin College Main Campus and the Blake Austin College Beauty Academy. A user’s home library is determined by student and faculty program. Faculty and students can access, check-out, request and return material and resources to both campuses.

 Account Notices

The Blake Austin College Library dispatches all account notices and transactions via email. It is the student’s and faculty’s responsibility to notify the library of any account notice concerns.

Renewal of Library Account

The Blake Austin College Library accounts expire every 12 months for current faculty and students.

Check-out Periods & Limits

Except when noted, all Blake Austin College Library material checks-out for a period of 14 days except where a special collection applies.

  • Students may have up to 15 items checked out.
    • Students may only check out up to 2 simulation cadavers.
    • Students may only check out up to 3 course reserve books at one time.
    • Students may check one class set item at a time. Faculty may check out up to 20 class set items.

The following exceptions apply:

  1. Course Reserves-current textbooks and required material check-out for 4-hours.
  2. Cadaver and Simulation Material-students may check-out this collection for a 2-hour time frame. This collection cannot leave the Blake Austin College Main Campus unless prior authority is given.
  3. Chromebooks-to be determined.
  4. Class set items check-out for a 4-hour time frame.


Except where noted library material may be renewed. Items renewed before or on the due date will not acquire a late fine. Renewing items after the due date will result in late fines.

The following exceptions apply:

  1. Course Reserves-these items do not renew.
  2. Outstanding Holds-if material has one or more outstanding requests, and no available item on shelf, renewal will be restricted.
  3. Cadaver and Simulation Material-these items do not renew.
  4. Chromebooks-to be determined.
  5. Class set items cannot be renewed.

Lost & Damaged Items

Students are responsible for library material checked-out on their library account. Students with lost or damaged material charged to their account will be restricted from checking material out.


Lost & Damaged payments may be refunded within a one-year time frame. All damaged or loss items include a non-refundable $4.00 processing fee. Blake Austin College does not issue refunds on late fines.

Holds and Requests

Students may request library material through the catalog or by contacting the library.

The following guidelines are in place:

  • Students may have up to 15 items on hold.
  • Students may have up to 15 items waiting for pick-up at one time.
  • Holds will remain in place for 7 days (excluding days the library is closed and holidays).

Adopted August 29, 2016