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High School Students

Life after High School…Begins at Blake Austin College

Whether you are about to graduate or have already graduated, deciding which career to pursue and what college to attend are two very important decisions.  Blake Austin College is here to help you decide where your path begins.

Top 10 reasons to pick Blake Austin College over a 4-year College:

  1. Skyrocketing tuition at the major Universities and Colleges can leave many highly educated students literally broke for years after college.
  2. Plummeting enrollment opportunities for many students who do not have a 4.0 or above GPA…what do you mean the 3.9 wasn’t good enough?  We believe in you and your success!
  3. Graduate & be working in your new career while your friends still have 3 years left.  Don’t worry, you can visit them on the weekends and treat them to lunch…you will be able to afford it and they won’t.
  4. Laugh all the way to the bank!  Your student loans will be paid off before your friends loans will.
  5. Many students have used their Blake Austin College career to help pay for a 4-year later…this makes many parents very happy.
  6. Locally owned and operated with an open door policy…no waiting a month to meet with the Dean or Advisor, you need help, you get it quickly.
  7. Hands-on training in a real world environment…our clinics feel like you are in a high-end salon/spa, a real hospital and dental office.
  8. Save on rent!  Our students save tens of thousands of dollars living locally over paying rent out of town for four years.
  9. You can save your parents from that horrible “empty nest” syndrome and be home every night for dinner & all holidays.
  10. With Lifetime Job Placement Assistance, Blake Austin College will always be here to help you succeed…can Stanford say that?

We understand that many parents want their children to attend a traditional four-year college, but that may not be for you.  If your parents are not excited about your career choice or college choice, we welcome them to come with you to meet one of our friendly Enrollment Advisors who will be able to answer any questions they may have, including affordability options.

So, what are you waiting for?  Don’t put off the most important decision you will ever make.  We are here to help you … your time is NOW.  Call us and come take a tour with Sarah or Kim and explore your affordability options with Melissa, Dennis or Sandra.  It’s painless and absolutely no pressure.  We also invite you to join in on a class to watch our students in action, ask them questions and see what they have to say.

Call 707.455.0557 for Nursing, Medical and Dental Careers.

Call 707.448.3100 for Cosmetology, Esthetics and Massage Careers.

Either number will connect you to Freedom, Empowerment & Success.