7 Nail Trends We're Obsessed With

7 Nail Trends We’re Obsessed With

Here at Blake Austin, we love to be in on the hottest fashion trends in the industry. That’s why we’ve decided to highlight our favorite nail trends in 2017 so far! We’re so excited to see if these trends survive the rest of the year, and we’re even more stoked to see what new styles will crop up!

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Life imitates art, and watercolor is no longer for the canvas! This chic trend is on our minds!

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The future is in sight, and it looks gorgeous! Try these holographic, glass nails for a bit of a futuristic look.

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Can’t decide on just one color? Good. Two-toned nails are all the rage.

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Intricate Patterns

If you’ve got time to sit with your nail designer and create something completely unique, DO IT! Complex, eye-catching designs are on trend.

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Chrome is almost as shiny as diamonds, and we all love diamonds!

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Matte+Gloss Details

Can’t let go of a glossy look? Add simple, glossy details to a beautiful matte background.

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Multiple colors are clearly in style, and that doesn’t exclude the dainty ombre. Dark to light or light to dark, you can do it either way!

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What are your favorite nail trends? Share them with us on social media. If you’re interested in learning how to create your own nail designs, consider taking our Spa Nail Technician course.